Monday Meditation~Past, Present, Future

In the world of meditation and mindfulness, we often talk about the importance of being present. But what does that mean, exactly? Why is it important? And if we deem it important, how can we refine our present-moment awareness? 

By taking a big-picture view of the past, present, and future, it’s easy to understand how staying present helps us experience safety, happiness and ease. 

When our mind is occupied with ruminating over past thoughts and experiences, or when our mind is fixated on what ifs and future thinking, the mind is not rooted in reality. The past and the future are only appearances. 

When our ruminations about the past or our worrying about the future are unpleasant, we’re robbing ourselves of present-moment contentment. Even if our memories of the past or our thoughts about the future are pleasant, contentment, happiness and peace of mind cannot be experienced anywhere but right here and right now. 

By staying rooted in the present moment, we’re available for the experience of contentment. We become more fully integrated with reality as it’s presenting itself to us right now, and not as it appears in our minds. 

In the following meditation, we’ll practice noting when our mind gets stuck in the past or the future by attempting to anchor it to present moment awareness of breath.