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Monday Meditation~A Breathing Anchor for Your Wandering Mind

Happy Monday (on a Tuesday) lol. Sometimes life happens and happened it did yesterday. I was able to record and post this weeks meditation to YouTube, but wasn't able to write the blog and post here. But here we are today and it is getting done.

This takes me back to last weeks blog on comparing yourself to others, if you missed you can read it here.

I could sit here and beat myself up because someone else has it "all together", or seemingly does, or I can keep going flaws or "uh oh" moments and all! I think I will just keep swimming, swimming, swimming...

Before you listen to this weeks meditation; Have you taken time today to notice your;

  • Thoughts?

  • Heart ?

  • Body? or

  • None?

Not judging, just observing. If you haven't; maybe take a moment to bring awareness to how you are feeling right now and maybe write down any thought that may arise. I have made a new journaling page for this exercise. You can print it from this dropbox link.

After finishing this practice, take some more time to journal or write down any thoughts that may have come up;

  • How did your belly, chest, and head feel as you reflected?

  • Are there emotions that you can associate with these feelings?

  • Note the positive and negative impact of any stories regarding this topic; the fact that many others might feel similarly as you.

  • How might you feel with increased awareness around this topic when you can apply increased mindfulness in your day-to-day life?

If nothing came up, that's okay.

Just like our yoga practice meditation and mindfulness is a practice too. There is no getting it "just right". Continue with your practice. Note the small changes over time. Come back to the anchor of your breath.

Here are all this links again.

Can you believe we are already in the last week of January? Next month is Valentine's day and February is also women's heart health month. Start planning now to offer your self some love and kindness and some time for your own "self ~ care" or plan to offer some time for "self ~ care" for someone special in your life.

Until the next time,

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