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Sunday ReSet

If I say, "Sunday re-set," what does that mean to you?

So, of course today is Sunday and the re-set is, well, you know, the idea of putting the previous week behind you and doing things to get ready for the week ahead. Did you know there's a hashtag on Tik Tok for it and you can find TONS of cool things you can do on Sunday to make your week easier? One thing you can do is book some time, now, for your yoga practice. If you schedule it now AND put in whatever planner/calendar you use (paper or digital), you have scheduled time for "YOU". AND, I've made it easy for you; you can find my Virtual Class Schedule HERE (join from anywhere) all classes are in Eastern Time. Then add it to your planner and show up for yourself.

I find if I schedule ahead, I show up. If I leave to chance...a million other things get in the way (I have two classes in my planner for next week, and have already registered).

Here are some of my favorite Sunday re-set tips:

  • Wash the towels and change the sheets on the bed (have you heard the saying, if you aren't sleeping well change the sheets?)

  • Write out an updated To Do list

  • Block off chunks of time on my schedule so I don't overbook myself

  • Schedule my yoga sessions into my day for the week ahead

  • Get to bed by 9:00pm (this is pretty much a non-negotiable since I am almost always up before 5am)

Share some of your favorite Sunday re-set tips! Here's to a great week ahead!

Jai Bhagwan,


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