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Tips To Have Your Best Class Experience

You don't have to a certain level of fitness or flexibility to practice yoga. Meet me on the Mat where you are today.

  • Log into Class at least 5 Minutes early

So  many things can happen when trying to connect. Give yourself time to login without rushing. It also gives us a chance to check in with each other so that you can let me know of any issues or injuries. If you are not comfortable with sharing verbally, you can share in the chat.

The Zoom Room is open at least 15 minutes before class and remains open after class for chatting and connection. 

Take some time to be social with others in the the class. Invite your friends or family and make new friends. Even though we aren't together in person, we can still have community and connection.

  • Bring Your Props

Have any props that your would like to use close by when class starts (mat, blocks, strap, blanket, pillows, eye pillows, etc.). They are not required for class and there are ways to "MacGyver" them if you don't already have them.


  • Eating

Try not to eat for at least one hour before class. A full belly or what you eat can make moving and breathing more challenging.

  • Clothing/Shoes

Yoga is traditionally practiced in bare feet or with socks. Do wear comfortable/non-restrictive clothing when possible. Light layers are recommended.

  • Cellphones, Watches, Clocks

This is your time to disconnect and unplug. Turn off your cell phone or any device you aren't using to connect to class and/or anything that dings or buzzes. This is your time to be as tech free as possible.

However, keep the device you are using to connect close enough that you can see and hear me, and I can see you.

  • Find Your Space

Find the space in your home where you will be most comfortable and that is most free from distractions. Tell family/house mates that will be busy practicing some self ~ care. Ask them to not disturb you. 

  • Listen to YOUR Body

If you are not able to do a suggested pose, don't stress. I will provide variations and if that pose isn't right for you today, that's okay. 

Leave your ego at the door. Yoga is not a competition. We are all on our own journey and how we show up will be different each time we come to our mat.

  • Breathe

Breathing an integral part of yoga. Don't forget to breathe.

  • Don't Skip Shavasana

It's easy to want to skip the last pose, Shavasana. This can be the most important pose as it give us a chance to integrate our practice with the Mind, Body, and Spirit. Give yourself the gift or a few moments of quiet time.

  • Be Patient

While I hope that classes never freeze, I can't guarantee they won't. When dealing with technology things can happen. Sometimes if your screen freezes you can still see and hear me. You can always log out and log back in with the same link. 

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