Monday Meditation | Big to small to Big

In this meditation we’ll explore how our mind works, and in particular how our attention changes when we move from the big picture to a small area of single-pointed focus.

Mindfulness is about staying present and aware. We can do this on a grand scale, aware that it’s morning versus night, for example. And we can do this on a small, detailed scale, aware of this one particular fraction of a second.

While meditating, we might find that at first it’s easier to do one than the other. It may be easier to meditate on the body as a whole, versus holding awareness of just our pinky toe.

Playing with attention and awareness in this way builds our capacity for mindfulness and teaches us more about how our mind works.

As we move closer and closer towards ‘single pointed focus,’ a single point becomes more difficult to find. Even the tiniest of objects, or their atoms, can still be broken down into their parts.

Thus, by turning from the big picture to the smallest one, we end up with a big picture view again. This time, we notice that nothing exists the way we think it does, and that everything is dependent upon the construction of our minds.