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Energy Vampires

Today I have a question for you.

Have you ever been around someone who left you exhausted after speaking with them? They were so full of drama or negative talk that you felt drained and down yourself afterwards?

Those people are energy vampires. They suck the energy and sometimes it seems the life right out of you and leave very little for you to move on with your day. It can sometimes be difficult to quickly bounce back from that.

But, your energy is important. Just as we need to conserve energy in the world around us, we must also conserve energy within ourselves. If you can avoid the energy vampires, then do so. If that's not possible, and sometimes it isn't, limit your time around them whenever possible. You need your energy to be productive during the day. It's not theirs to drain.

How I do my best to guard my energy.

My energy is a precious resource. I protect my spirit and vigor.

The decisions I make can energize or drain me. I choose to fill my life with people and situations that build up my strength and stamina.

  • In difficult circumstances, I concentrate on what I can do to hold onto my power and respond constructively.

  • I devote time to spiritual practices. I meditate and pray. I read inspirational passages and discuss them with other members of my community.

  • I surround myself with loving and supportive family and friends. I ask for help when I need it.

  • I take care of my body. I exercise regularly and incorporate physical activity into my daily routines. I eat a nutritious diet based on vegetables, fruits, and other whole foods.

  • To manage stress. I try to take frequent breaks while I am working to walk around and stretch. I listen to gentle instrumental music, treat myself to a massage, or visit my acupuncturist, Jean Donati Acupunture, LLC in Towson, MD for a stress relieving session/treatment.

  • I pause and review my options when I am feeling overwhelmed.

  • I tune into my body's natural clock. I figure out the hours when my abilities peak, and use them to work on my most challenging tasks. I engage in activities that create a sense of flow for me.

Today, I try to watch how my energy fluctuates, and adjust my actions and interactions so I that I can stay centered. Guarding my energy makes me happier and more productive. But, it hasn't always been that way. It has been a practice, just like yoga. In fact, my yoga practice has helped me to tune into myself and how to guard my energy.

If you are dealing with energy vampires, below are some questions to ask yourself. Perhaps a morning journaling routine will help you.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What is one thing I can do each morning to raise my energy level?

2. How does guarding my energy make me more resilient?

3. Why do I need to set healthy boundaries in my relationships to protect my energy?

Beginning in May I will be offering a daily journaling prompt in my Facebook group: the Yoga With Janet Community. If you are not already a group member you can join by clicking HERE. I will also send out one prompt monthly via email. Click HERE to subscribe to my newsletter.

You can also

Meet me on the Mat in the virtual studio to ReCharge your energy.

Schedule an acupuncture session with Jean by clicking HERE.

How do you protect your energy? Are any of the tips above something you will try?

Until the next time,

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