Monday Meditation~Walking Meditation

This week I did not record a meditation. I opted to offer a walking meditation where you can guide/lead yourself.

It’s not always easy to meditate in a seated position. Furthermore, the awareness that we develop while seated, must someday be carried off the meditation cushion or chair into every aspect of our lives, if it’s to be effective in creating positive change.

By doing simple activities, such as walking, with mindfulness, we can begin to integrate our practice of stillness into moments of movement.

Mindful movement helps us deepen awareness of the body itself, where the body is in space, and how the body is connected to the earth and the elements around us.

The forward movement of mindful walking can also be very soothing for a mind that’s addicted to forward movement even when we are sitting.

Meditating while seated can highlight the ever-present movement of our mind. It’s possible that meditating while moving can do just the opposite, and show us where stillness is present.

The following is a simple introduction to walking meditation.