Good~Bye 2020


As we say good~bye and probably good riddance to 2020 (and yes, I have had many moments of wanting it be over) and welcome 2021; I know I have a choice. I can choose to dwell on the negative or focus on the positive. While so much is out of my control, how I choose to react to things is up to me.

I choose to be grateful. I choose to embrace all the goodness of the past year.

I am grateful for my family, although there were and are times they drive me crazy (we’ve been ”locked” up together for a long, long, time now), we are all healthy and safe. That is what’s most important.

I am grateful for some baby steps toward mending a strained relationship. Maybe a bit of a Christmas Miracle.

I am grateful for friends that I was able to reach out to. Grateful for them being there to listen, offer words of wisdom, and to talk me off the ledge as I opened a business in the middle of a pandemic when the world was in quarantine. What was I thinking?

I am grateful for being able to share yoga with a fantastic group of Yogis and Yoginis who stuck with me, transitioned to, and embraced yoga on "The Zoom"! I am grateful for the few classes I was able to share with my community, in the park, when the weather and lifted restrictions allowed, and for those that came and tried a class. I am grateful I was able to continue my yoga studies as I move forward in my journey.

I am grateful for all the things I’m working through and learning about myself. I am grateful for being perfectly imperfect and being able to embrace those imperfections.

I am grateful for my practice, which has helped me to do that.

Who knows what this new year will bring? Nothing magically changed at the stroke of midnight, that much I know. It will be up to us to choose how we move forward into this new year, this new season, in this journey this is our life.