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Winter Solstice Meditation

Welcome to the Winter Solstice. The first day of winter. The beginning of the end of the year! The shortest day and longest night of the year. A time to envelope yourself and welcome the power of darkness, knowing that the light and rebirth of Spring are on the horizon. This time reminds us of the beautiful transformations that accompany times of darkness and light.

Take some time reflect on the darkness and welcome what is to come, with today's guided Winter Solstice Meditation.

I invite you take some time for yourself today. Some time to slow down, reflect. and align yourself with the energy of the winter season. I've a made a journaling sheet you can print and use to write down those things that no longer serve you, the things you'd like to leave behind. After journaling, maybe burn it or throw it into a symbolic fire (throw it away), then use another sheet to write down your intentions for the season to come. Put that in a safe place so that you can revisit it in the spring.

Give yourself a little "me~time" tonight and Meet me on the Mat for a virtual Winter Solstice Practice at 6:30pm tonight.

Join me in reflecting on the past season, let go of what didn't work for you, and set new intentions for this new season and the year ahead.

Click on the picture below to be taken to the booking calendar where you can register for tonight's class (If you regularly attend classes, this is a different system I’m trying).

If you aren't able to join me in tonight's practice, don't forget to print your journaling pages. Give yourself some time for reflection and journaling.

Comment below or email me at: and let me know what you thought of this meditation.

I wish you and your families a wonderful, happy, safe, and healthy holiday season


I look forward to "seeing" you in the new year.

Until the next time,

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1 Comment

Cristina Petrini
Cristina Petrini
Dec 21, 2020

Tomorrow with my coven I will celebrate Yule. This moment of transition is incredible and meditating and grasping these energies is exciting.

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