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Monday Meditation ~ Meditation for the New Year ~ A Journey Into Your New Year

Happy New Year once again!

Here we are, the first full week of 2021, beginning to head back into the day to day happenings that is our life. But before you get to bogged down with work and life, take a little time for this New Year Monday Meditation.

Have a journal or pen and paper ready (if you'd like) to write down your experience. I have created a journal sheet, with prompts, that you can print and use, if you'd like.


  • Download and print your journaling sheet.

  • What comes to mind after meditating?

  • How was your experience into the forest?

  • What gifts did you receive from your guide for the New Year?

  • What are your dreams for the next step in this journey of your life?

  • What tools did the second gift reveal that will help you on your journey?

  • What did the gift of the plan reveal?

  • How will you use your tools to accomplish your plan?

Remember you can return to your cottage in the forest anytime you would like to revisit your guide and connect with your hopes, dreams, desires, and your plan.

As you go about your day, the weeks, and year to come, I wish you happiness, health, and abundance.

Until the next time,

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