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September: A Month of Change

September. A time for change. Summer lends itself to Fall. The leaves change colors. Life begins to slow down as we turn inward and prepare for the shorter days ahead.

On this day, nine years ago, I made a big change in my life. I took a big step, a big leap of faith as I walked out the door of my job for the last time; to begin my “new life” as a SAHGma to little Noah. If you know me, and you’re keeping track, “little Noah” will be starting fourth grade next week and is in the gifted and talented program (this is a problem, because I don’t know third grade math yet, lol)... (I truly believe third grade math, was 7/8th grade math back in the day) and I know many of you here were there with me! I think we have done just fine with that scenario. But anyway.

Being a SAHGma to Noah, gave way to Miss Quinn, Lessa, and Caterina and “the littles” came to be. Some days I’m not sure if I’m coming, going, or meeting myself in the middle, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Three years ago, this month, I began YTT (yoga teacher training). Another big change, another big step and leap of faith. Who was I to think I could bring this ancient tradition of yoga to others? Thankfully, I had a wonderful support system, in family and my teachers. I will admit I still have “imposter syndrome” many days, but I hope what I offer brings my love of yoga to those who come to my classes.

As this September rolls in; Yoga With Janet is a full fledged business, LLC, and virtual studio, I am not only “just” an independent contractor anymore. By golly, I even have a YouTube channel! This year of changes and uncertainty gave me the push to make a dream a reality. Who opens a business in the middle of a pandemic? Me. I guess Elvis, Frank (do you know who that is), and I will be singing “My Way” together, lol. Another big change and leap of faith. This one maybe more scary than the ones before.

Who am I to think I can own and run a business? What do I know? Yes, I studied business management, in college, but they didn’t teach you how to own/run/market a virtual business...Scary? You bet! Yoga With Janet is my “baby” now more than ever.

Some of you have nudged me this way for awhile. Thank you, I think, for the support and confidence to make this move.

These past nine years have been nothing short of amazing. I truly appreciate each and everyone of you that have been with me along this journey and season in my life. I value your friendship, mentoring, and support more than words can say.

Until the next time,

Jai Bhagwan,


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