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Monday Meditation Holding Space

Happy Monday. Welcome to this Monday Meditation. You can find this weeks meditation on YouTube by clicking here. Please leave a comment here on the blog and YouTube to let me know what you think of this weeks meditation.

In this meditation we will be Holding Space for Others or Ourselves. What does that mean? How do we do it? What is holding space?

There are so many emotions floating around right now. Our own and others. Sometimes we may find we don’t know what to say or do. Maybe the answer is nothing. Maybe we just need to sit with our own emotions for a bit and allow others to do the same. To let them just be. We are allowed to have our emotions, it’s okay to feel them, to acknowledge them, it’s okay to let them be for a bit, we don’t “have” to do anything with them. It’s okay! We can hold space for ourselves to feel what we feel.

Those around us are entitled to have their emotions too; without having someone tell them how or what they should feel. Their emotions are theirs. It okay for them to have them. Our job is to be there for them, if/when they need us to be. If we haven’t walked in another’s shoes we can’t really know how they feel deep down. We don’t really know why they feel what they feel. Our place isn’t to tell someone how they should feel. Our job is to let them feel their feelings. We can listen, we can let them vent and tell us; without reacting, without injecting our feelings into their feelings (whether the same or different). We can hold space.

The 4th of July has just passed, Independence Day. There are many emotions that come up during this time. For many people. This year those emotions are particularly high, for some. During the month of ahead let's use our practice to hold space for ourselves and those around us.

We never know who we may encounter that is struggling to get through this time. And we may never know why.

Holding space is about being non-judgmental, accepting those around us for the place they are in, on their journey. Not pushing them with our timetable or expectations. Just sitting beside them and loving them unconditionally. It might be uncommon in today’s world, but we can offer this gift to those around us!!

Meet me on the Mat (virtually) this month for a practice to hold space for yourself and those around you. You can find my schedule at

Here is the link to this weeks meditation.

Until the next time.

Jai Bhagwan,


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Janet Earling
Janet Earling
Jul 07, 2020

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